Online classes now open to PAYG members – and non-members too!

GREAT NEWS for all of our Pay As You Go members – you can now join us for our online classes!

We have a new VIP Online One-Month Bundle which is available for any of our PAYG members and for non-members too

Alternatively if you already have PAYG membership, from Monday 9 November you will be able to access up to six 40-minute sessions a week, paying just £3 for each one.

The following classes, which include tips and tricks on fitness and fighting with head coach Dean Sugden, are now open to you

  • Monday 6pm – Boxing
  • Monday 7pm – Kickboxing
  • Tuesday 6pm – Bootcamp
  • Wednesday 6pm – Boxing
  • Wednesday 7pm – Kickboxing
  • Thursday 6pm – Bootcamp

To book individual classes, just do so in the same way as you would for our normal classes.

Not currently a member?

Our new VIP online one-month bundle is now open to non-members and will include a one month Pay As You Go online membership.

To access this, simply go to, enter your details, complete the PAR-Q questionnaire and go to Membership Plans. Select the one-month VIP Online Bundle, make your one-off payment of £60, then go to My Bookings to choose the session(s) you want to take part in.

Whether you’re an existing PAYG member or you’ve signed up for the VIP bundle, once you’ve booked your session(s), here’s what you’ll need to do to get access on the night(s)

  • Make sure you’ve downloaded the free Zoom app
  • Keep an eye out for the link you’ll need to access the session, which will be sent to you by email
  • Click on the link just before the session is due to start – don’t be late, if you try to join after the start time, the instructor probably won’t be able to disrupt the class to let you in!
  • Once you’ve clicked the link, a new screen will open up telling you that you are waiting for the host to start the meeting – DO NOT CLICK on Sign In, that’s for Dean to do so just wait…
  • Turn off your microphone, turn on your video camera and you’re ready to go!

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