Getting ready to spring back into action!

Some great news  yesterday, with the government’s announcement about the gradual lifting of various restrictions over the coming weeks!

Thank you to all our active members and PAYG clients for your patience and continued support during these difficult times. We’re delighted to tell you that Suggy’s Gym will be reopening from Monday 12 April, basically running in exactly the way we were prior to the start of the current lockdown. As before, all classes will be replaced by sessions and again these will all have to be booked in advance via ClubRight.

In addition, all PT/121 training will resume at full speed from the same date.

The new timetable from Monday 12 April will be as follows – you’ll find all your favourite sessions listed on ClubRight in the next few days and will be able to start making your bookings from Monday 15 March.

Just over a month later, when indoor adult group sports and exercise classes will be among the activities and businesses allowed to restart, we’ll be returning to normality when ALL CLASSES here at Suggy’s Gym will resume.

The timetable for this begins on Monday 17 May, when we also expect sparring and all classes as we remember them to resume fully. Further details will be published during April so make sure you’re checking back here and on all our social media feeds for the latest updates.

In the meantime if you have any questions at all about 121, outside or small group training or want to get your personal training sessions booked, get in touch NOW with Dean on 07968 005797 or with Irvine on 07415 313749.

And if you’ve had to freeze your membership in recent months, please contact Karen on 07816 840920 before Monday 12 April  to reactivate it so you can start to book your favourite sessions once again.

We can’t wait to welcome you back to Castlegate soon but don’t forget that until Monday 17 May the number of places available will be limited

So make sure you head over to ClubRight on Monday 15 March and start booking your sessions, ready to spring back into action with us from Monday 12 April onwards!

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