Ring Name : Willy One Bomb

Gym : Pure Impact, Blackpool, Lancashire, UK

Coach : Chris Taylor

Manager : Dean Sugden

Weight : Lightweight 70kg

Date of Birth : 15 April 1997

Place of Birth : Blackpool, Lancashire, UK

Facebook : William Goldie-Galloway

Twitter : @william_goldie1

Pro Record

20F 14W (9 by TKO/KO) 6L (at 13 January 2020)

Fights 2016 – 2019

  • Fighting Machines vs Lewis Grennal – win by unanimous decision
  • Thailand – win by 2nd round KO
  • Thailand- win by 1st round KO
  • Barnsley vs  Hossien Ghorbani – win by 1st round KO
  • RTG, Grantham Meres Leisure Centre, March 2017 vs Vinny Church – win by 2nd round KO
  • Superfight Series vs Dominick Matusz – win by unanimous decision
  • GLORY 54 Birmingham, June 2018 vs Elvis Gashi – defeated by unanimous decision
  • RTG3, Grantham Meres Centre, October 2018 vs Joe Himsworth – win by unanimous decision
  • GLORY Kickboxing vs Guerric Billet – defeated by unanimous decision

Amateur Record

1F 1W (2nd round KO)

Action image by James Law / GLORY Kickboxing -Featured image by Gary Orgles, Go Photography

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