It was late 2011 when I realised it was time to do something about my weight and fitness so I contacted Dean and we arranged a consultation.

I started with personal training which I did find hard to begin with, as I hadn’t done any exercise for a long time….

When Dean mentioned he was starting bootcamp sessions twice a week in January 2012, to be honest I was slightly apprehensive about doing a group workout. But I realised it would help with my goal, took my daughter along as moral support and found it wasn’t as bad as I thought. Now I go every Tuesday and Thursday and have also continued with the personal training sessions.

I’ve been training for well over two years now and have managed to lose more than one and a half stones in weight. This is the fittest I’ve ever been plus my body shape has changed – I’ve even managed to drop two dress sizes which was certainly needed with only being short!!

On the personal training side, I really enjoy the challenges, especially having to use various equipment – kettlebells, Bulgarian bags, medicine balls and TRX – and I even manage to do weight training too.

And I’m now doing kickboxing and boxing, certainly not to fight anyone but just for the fitness levels and also to learn something new.

Dean and all the coaches are very reassuring and push you in every session to help you achieve your goals. Dean definitely gives 110 per cent commitment to making sure he gets the best out of people.

I’ve made many friends by going to the gym; June, Jen, Claire, Helen and Lyndsey to name but a few have all encouraged me to train hard and also to enjoy the training which is a big factor.

Newark Martial Arts to me is like a second home with great coaches and friends who train there!

May 2014

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