I have been running on and off for the past eight years but have never been able to improve my speed or fitness. My son suggested that I have a personal training session with Dean at NMA gym as he felt Dean could help me improve.

So in January I had a personal training session with Dean and also attended the fitness classes a couple of times a week. Nine weeks later I am now running three miles in under 30 minutes ( it was taking me 37 minutes before so a major achievement for me), I feel fitter and I have lost weight!

NMA has such a welcoming atmosphere and it’s like no other gym I have been to before. Dean is an extremely motivated, knowledgeable and friendly individual and is very dedicated to helping people achieve their goals.

I would urge anyone reading this who wants to improve their fitness and maybe lose some weight to have a personal training session with Dean and try the fitness classes – they are an excellent workout and such good fun you actually forget you are exercising!

April 2012

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