Eleven years ago I walked into Newark Martial Arts looking for a personal trainer, having moved into the area from Mansfield. I was welcomed with open arms into a warm, friendly and family orientated gym. Let’s just say I have never looked back. I can hand on heart recommend Dean Sugden, NMA Fitness Centre and all of the professional coaches with whom I have been and continue to be blessed to train.

Not only does NMA make you fit, it changes your whole perspective on your life, health, wealth and attitude – there is nothing that cannot be achieved while you are being coached by the ‘boss’ himself.

During my time at NMA I have had one to one coaching sessions with Dean and have had a number of personal things happen in my life, from a serious head trauma to Addison’s, a serious health condition. But through perseverance, consistency and Dean’s positive mantra of ‘train smart, fight easy’, I am now well on my way to having the life and body that I dreamt of when I walked through those doors all that time ago.

I was diagnosed with a rare medical condition where the adrenal glands no longer work. I could barely walk up my own stairs, had to go on serious medication, take six months off work and, while it has taken three years of recovery and some serious training, I am in a very small (and very RARE) worldwide percentage where my adrenal glands have started to work again. I take minimum medication to keep them ticking and expect that one day I won’t need to take any at all.

How have I done this? I replaced synthetic adrenaline with NMA’s hardcore, train hard natural adrenaline through kickboxing, strength and conditioning and hypoxic (high altitude) training, punching and kicking the ass out of the illness to say ‘NO, I am not having it’.

I have hauled myself through snow, rain and sunshine from Mansfield to Newark; even while working in London I have continued to train at NMA and in fact wherever I live or work I will make the effort to get there whenever I physically can.

None of this would have been possible without training at NMA. Dean knows what to do and how to get you to do it, to work your body and mind to its full potential. I have secured 4 promotions and have an amazing career at BT, all with NMA’s help to ‘believe you can achieve’.


Now it’s on to the next stage, taking it to the upper level of training and proving that with a positive mental attitude and a world class coach you really can achieve anything you put your mind to.

You can see from my photo of three years ago when I was diagnosed to what I have achieved to date. Let’s see what’s going to come next; I for one am really excited to find out what the next level of focus is going to give me.

NMA Fitness Centre is fun, hard work, caring and one of the only places I know that produces world class athletes and career professionals. I often joke that there must be something in the water but I think we all know what makes NMA a raging success and that is our world class coach, his world class family and all of the people that make NMA a joy to go to.

No matter what my mood or how broken I may feel when I walk through those doors, after my session I leave with a smile on my face, having laughed and trained as hard as I physically and mentally can – with a sense of achievement and as if I can take on the world.

Thank you Dean for everything you have helped me achieve. You really are one in a class of your own – world class!

August 2014

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