Another 12 weeks’ training since his original testimonial and pictures below and Josh continues to make awesome progress…

“At 12 weeks, it looked as though he was getting there,” says coach Dean Sugden. “Another 12 later and we’ve renamed him The Athlete!

“He was unwell over Christmas but we tailored his programme accordingly and here’s what he’s achieved. No editing, no airbrushing, no oil, no spray tan – just REAL RESULTS!!”



I was inspired to start training with Dean after seeing the results he’s achieved with others, especially the dramatic transformation he’s managed with my cousin William Walton.

My aim for the initial programme was to become fitter and develop a stronger, more defined upper body. After 12 weeks, I’m already feeling so much about myself and am definitely a lot stronger and fitter. Changing my diet has helped enormously too – before starting the training it was extremely poor.

In Dean I have found the perfect trainer. His enthusiasm and determination really help you strive during each and every session, leaving you fatigued every time but knowing it will be worth it in the long run.

His knowledge is incredible – he can give you a single piece of equipment and yet have hundreds of different exercises you’re able to do with just that one thing. This ensures that every PT session is never exactly the same as the previous one, which makes it fun and leaves you intrigued as to what the next one has in store!

Overall, Dean has a confident approach and is very understanding if you have an injury – he’s able to plan your session around the injury while still ensuring you’re left fatigued at the end.

And finally, Dean is very good at pushing you beyond your limits and making you believe you really can achieve anything.

I’ve just started the second 12-week phase of training with him and my goal now is to get more definition on my stomach – and to beat all of the personal bests I achieved in the first 12 weeks!

December 2015

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