As an attendee of Newark Martial Arts, I consider myself not only to be in peak condition but most privileged. My mentor and role model is Dean Sugden, the Head Coach and owner of this unique, well equipped gym.

The friendly atmosphere and individual approach to the training of each member ensure that member attains his or her personal potential at each session. My hour long sessions leave me feeling fatigued but superbly exhilarated. I have developed a personal interest in kickboxing, strength improvement and fitness conditioning.

Some of the conditioning techniques I enjoy also include altitude training, kettlebell workouts and circuit training which have benefited me immensely.

Dean’s passion for kickboxing is endemic and I regularly attend the events to further immerse myself in the sport.

Dean is a natural teacher, his knowledge and confident approach allow each member to develop self-belief and most importantly have a sense of purpose. He is personable, extremely understanding and tolerant towards every member irrespective of age, gender or capability.

July 2014

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