The night GLORY came to Grantham

A capacity crowd witnessed the biggest and best show of its kind in the UK on Saturday 11 March, when the Road to GLORY came to Grantham – and more than 100,000 fight fans worldwide were able to follow the action live via social media…

In case you missed it – or if you just want to re-live the night GLORY came to Grantham! – you can now watch the five-fight Undercard, three Super Fights and the explosive 8 Man Featherweight Tournament here.



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  1. Bailey, fought to the end. He wasn’t able to use his legs after round one, yet Mo wasn’t able to use this advantage against his younger, less experienced opponent. Good job it wasn’t a fresh fight. Shame the officials missed the 2nd count made against Mo to put Bailey in front. Watch out Mo, if this man comes back against you without injury! Great event and great night!


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