New partnership promises exciting prospects for UK fighters

Long-term friends and fellow fight promoters Dean Sugden and Steve Kerridge have this week launched a new joint venture which they say will open up exciting opportunities for the UK‘s top talents to progress on the world stage.

With Suggy’s Gym‘s next big kickboxing show coming up at the beginning of October, Dean was particularly pleased to announce their new partnership.

“Steve is a life-long friend and colleague in Martial Arts and someone for whom I have a lot of respect as a martial artist, promoter and coach,” he said.

“For over a decade, his FIGHTMAX promotions enjoyed a very successful run featuring many of the country’s best fighters, as well as bringing over many top-class foreign talents.

“About four years ago, he decided to hang up his promoter’s gloves due to outside business commitments and, although he has been inundated with requests to return since then, he has always declined to do so. But he’s now announced the return of FIGHTMAX and, after several recent meetings, we’re both delighted that this much requested return will see us integrating his brand with our own highly successful SUPERSTAR FIGHT LEAGUE.”

FIGHTMAX has always been a great believer in sanctioning with the major World governing bodies such as the WKA and ISKA in the past, ensuring our fighters are not only recognised internationally but also enabling them to acquire sponsorship with World recognised titles,” said Steve.

“Having known Dean for several decades, I must say his total professionalism in combat sports is second to none. He’s a top promoter and fight manager, most recently seen promoting UK feeder shows for the GLORY organisation based in Holland, has vast experience in the fight game and shares my enthusiasm for this new partnership.”

NEXT GENERATION, the new partnership’s first event, will be held on Saturday 5 October at the Grantham Meres Leisure Centre in Lincolnshire, with the following show in Essex towards the end of March 2020.

“I’m buzzing to be working with Steve – we share the same passion and vision for the future and together will continue to give all the top fighters and clubs a platform to progress on the world stage,” added Dean.

“Exciting times with the same high standards in promoting starting in Grantham on Saturday 5 October!”

The full card for NEXT GENERATION, which features the very best UK kickboxing professionals and amateurs, will be announced shortly and tickets are on sale now priced £750 Gold VIP and £600 Silver VIP (both tables of 10) and £35 each for unreserved standard tiered and balcony seats.

For details and bookings, contact individual fighters on the card or call the ticket hotline 01636 605708 / 07816 840920.

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